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About me

My name is Pieter Rees. I am a Developer with a passion for clean coding and perfect design. I am currently working @ Goodup, a do-good crowd funding platform in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. I love to work with modern development stacks.



I am a frontend architect with a passion for beautiful user experience.

I will build your website with passion and pace. Based on the latest technology stack.

That means I speak primarily Html(5), (Sc,Le)ss and Javascript (vanilla and frameworks). I also love some Backend.


The design of an app or website is useless without an effective and efficient user experience.

I strongly believe that a great and beautyful website experience will extend your brand feeling and connect you with new people.

It starts with prototyping and ends with testing of the final product. I use Pen & Paper, Balsamiq, Sketch and Axure.


Besides my work for the best 'do good' platform in Amsterdam, i am also a code hobbyist with allmost 6 years experience in frontend development.

I am allways up for a nice talk about innovative ideas.

Please drop me a line.

Availability for freelance work: Available 🙂


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